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2007-11-14 21:11:41 by Nick-kun

Wow! I haven't posted anything for a while. I've been pre-occupied with school and my Trig page, and drawing, and writing... OH WELL!

I'm going to make it a general rule that every time I make a new song, I'll post it on my Trig and on my NG, I like the way NG's Audio Portal works anyways.

Well, I'm gonna hit the grindstone again, gotta do homework and all that jazz. Hope you like the songs I posted!

Sorry! I just realized!

2007-08-17 00:38:45 by Nick-kun

I listened to my new songs on MySpace (As they are just getting up here) and I realized that Lockdown Rave should be listened to in STEREO! IF YOU LISTEN TO IT IN MONO YOU WILL HEAR A REALLY WACK SONG! SORRY FOR ANYONE WHO GETS THE CRAPTASTIC VERSION!

Lockdown Rave & Gnomish

2007-08-16 22:30:49 by Nick-kun


Meh, I like the beat, but again the limitations of pre-made loops come back to haunt me as it's hard to continue from where the song ends.



This is a song I made for my boss on a podcast which I am a co-host and offcial DJ of (I make audio tracks for his audio drama and themes.) I'll post the link to the site when it's online.

Anyways, I liked the way this one came out, if I could have done anything... I would have made it more bassy, but I like it anyways.


The good news: We have a windows disc around somewhere, when we find it among all the boxes (My family just moved.) I'll boot camp it and I'll get fruityloops.

The bad news: I'm gonna take a few weeks to get good with FL, I've only dabbled on other computers, never my own. I'm gonna mess around, then use the demo to its full advantage and export to MP3 and convert to AIFF (Thank the lord I already have programs for that, it sounds like a pain I know but it's really not that hard for me to do.) for apple loops. Then I'll use those to make more songs, I'll have a bunch of loops at my disposal, plus the ones I make.

Ok so anyways, got music up on my myspace:

Give me some love people! C'mon!


2007-08-09 22:15:10 by Nick-kun

I used some FX in this to make it a little more... something... I forgot what.

I like it, I wanted to make it longer, but I couldn't make it work... I need to boot camp FruityLoops ASAP so I can make my own loops, it'll make my songs a little better don't cha think?

Midnight Remixed

2007-08-05 03:54:46 by Nick-kun

I like it... I really do, the ending could be better but I do like everything else.

That's all I have to say. - add me or die.


2007-08-03 22:30:40 by Nick-kun

I got a MySpace account for my music and to promote myself because I'm a pompous bastard xP

If you have an account on myspace be sure to add me, I'm gonna add my music ASAP, but my computer has no internet access for now, I'm using a public comp so... crap...

Thanks for checking in punks!

Secondary Wavelength

2007-07-23 00:28:35 by Nick-kun


The original song was just called 'Wavelength'. But that was taken (as I expected) so I just added secondary to end of it. I like how I did it, it wasn't as awkward with the way the notes sounded as my other songs. And it was also more like a professional song, if I added some vocals to it it'd probably sound like something DJ Hyper made, well... kinda, I'm probably no where near real DJ level so let's just stop my optimism there.

Anyhoo, it didn't get the best approval from my beta-listener (my sister). But what the hell does she know, she approved 'Midnight, All Night', which got a score similar to that of a dog puking. I'm gonna stop asking for her opinion.

So the original idea for the song was to have the sound of waves crashing against the shore at the beginning, and throughout the song. As I started this song after a long day at the beach with my friends. But it didn't come out the way I wanted so I got rid of the 30 second clip I had so far and went with a loop I found in my library for the beginnning. Then I just followed my ears and there you have it, the song was done.

So anyways, thanks for checking in you guys! See you next time!

*EDIT* Yeah uh... somebody bombed my score for no reason after I posted this... despite that check it out anyways >_>

Midnight, All Night

2007-07-20 17:30:32 by Nick-kun

Yeah I like how this one came out, it still needs a little work at the beginning and a few beat transitions, but GarageBand isn't awesome like Reason or any of the other hardcore programs out there. I give it a 3.5/5.

Anyways, thanks for checking in! I hope you guys enjoy the song ;)

Experimental Nightfall

2007-07-19 20:33:43 by Nick-kun

Uploaded it today, it's a really short 1:12 piece that I did while just messing around with beat transitions, nothing special, I myself give the actual song a 2/5 just because it has some decent beats.

As for the 'upbeat' I promised, I think this was a little more upbeat, sounds like that to me. Anyways, my next piece is gonna be hardcore-ish.

Anyways thanks for checkin' in, see ya l8r!

A Proud Walk

2007-07-19 06:11:39 by Nick-kun

Not like most of you care, but I posted my first Audio Track today. I'm going to start on another one later, this one's going to be a little more upbeat and more rave-ish.

So w/e see you guys later I guess.