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Lockdown Rave & Gnomish

2007-08-16 22:30:49 by Nick-kun


Meh, I like the beat, but again the limitations of pre-made loops come back to haunt me as it's hard to continue from where the song ends.



This is a song I made for my boss on a podcast which I am a co-host and offcial DJ of (I make audio tracks for his audio drama and themes.) I'll post the link to the site when it's online.

Anyways, I liked the way this one came out, if I could have done anything... I would have made it more bassy, but I like it anyways.


The good news: We have a windows disc around somewhere, when we find it among all the boxes (My family just moved.) I'll boot camp it and I'll get fruityloops.

The bad news: I'm gonna take a few weeks to get good with FL, I've only dabbled on other computers, never my own. I'm gonna mess around, then use the demo to its full advantage and export to MP3 and convert to AIFF (Thank the lord I already have programs for that, it sounds like a pain I know but it's really not that hard for me to do.) for apple loops. Then I'll use those to make more songs, I'll have a bunch of loops at my disposal, plus the ones I make.

Ok so anyways, got music up on my myspace:

Give me some love people! C'mon!


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